Back to School: Meditation as a Tool for Self-study

It is that time of year again: sharpened pencils, new shoes, the feel of the soft pages of that notebook waiting to get filled with great new learnings! Whether you are supporting your children as they transition into the school year, or are simply feeling all the feels based on your own memories, this is a special time of year for many of us. And if you are longing for that feeling of being back at school and learning something new, we have news for you: your own company can be the greatest teacher, your own quiet space, the best classroom.

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Meditation has the power to transform our lives by providing the container for us to learn deeply about ourselves. In yoga philosophy, the concept of svadhyaya (roughly translated to self-study) invites us to be a perpetual student in our own lives. According to the Chopra Center humans have 60-80,000 thoughts a day! And many of those are repeated thoughts, mainly about the past or the future.

Through meditation, we cultivate our ability to stay in the present moment, create more spaces between thoughts, and notice the patterns of our thoughts. We are able to practice witnessing what arises in the mind, without judgement or attachment, and learn about our habitual patterns of thought and even behaviour. We learn what triggers us, and what best supports us to stay calm, which can then translate into more supportive habits and behaviours.

To live fully self-expressed and joyously, we must first know ourselves deeply. Are you ready to learn more about yourself and how you operate in the world? Are you ready to live more mindfully? Your classroom is your own meditation practice, and you are your own greatest teacher. Now go on, go back to school!


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