7 Easy Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

It helps you focus, gives you better night’s sleep, increases joy, and works magic on your ability to deal with life’s stresses - yes, meditation can lead to all of these wonderful results, and there is science to prove it. So why don’t we all meditate?

Many people shy away from beginning a practice because it seems too daunting. They say things like: I have too many thoughts. I can’t stay still. I am too busy to find time.


Are you ready to put aside the reasons (or excuses) that hold you back, and try? Here are seven easy steps to begin.

1. Get educated
There are endless books, websites and courses to learn from. Do some research, ask people for recommendations, and try something out!

2. Set reasonable goals
If you are ready for a daily practice, that’s great! If not, set a realistic goal, like: I will meditate for 5 minutes, 3 times this week. Once you achieve this, set a new goal.

3. Use available toolsFind an app, a youtube video, a community class, or an online course that works for you. There is no one-size-fits-all.

4. Start small
Be realistic. You may start with just 2-5 minutes of silence and present-moment-awareness. Then increase incrementally as you are ready.

5. Stay accountable
Find a partner to join you. Or at least tell someone about it, and ask them to check in with you once a week to see how your practice is coming along.

6. RecommitForming new habits can be hard and discouraging. If you are clear about your intention for starting a practice, you can choose to commit again and again to that vision.

7. Relax
Stay non-judgemental, gentle and compassionate with your learning-self. Meditation is not about perfection, it is about practicing being in the Now.