Credit:  Halfmoon

Credit: Halfmoon

The truth is... 

the kind of wellness we desire,
is an inside job.

If we are so fortunate to have access to a care team - like a massage therapist, a personal trainer, a counsellor, etc - we are supported through their knowledge and skills to improve our wellness. Even still, it is up to us as individuals to move and nourish our bodies, calm and detangle our minds, hear and nurture our souls.

The kind of wellness most of us desire is a true wellness that is accompanied by a sense of deep inner peace and true contentment in life. This holistic, and personally responsible, approach to wellness is at the center of my work in every capacity.

My near decade of practice as a registered counsellor, in addition to my work as a personal and leadership development professional, arts therapist and yoga teacher have taught me, above all else, this: that we all long to feel whole and complete. We long to remember our true essence and live our life joyously by sharing with others who we truly are. All suffering and pain comes from our misalignment with our true nature, in body, mind and spirit.

My work (whether I am writing, teaching, guiding, counselling or speaking) supports people in reconnecting to themselves in a deep and meaningful way, beyond ego. Holistic health is not whole without the inclusion of spiritual health, but who even talks about that these days? At the heart of my work is this knowing: you were born whole and complete, now let’s get you back to remembering what that means and how it feels, embodied.

People most often describe me as grounded and warm. I take this as the highest compliment. I am a mother of two magic human beings, nature lover, and writer, currently working on two books on the topics of healing and spiritual awakening.