Parenting for Peace & Consciousness


The experience of parenting ranges from deep joy and elation to deep confusion and frustration. We sometimes hear that "it brings out the worst in us” and sometimes that “it brings out the best in us.” Conscious parenting is a complete shift in perspective on parenting: one that allows us to move into a higher state of awareness and mindfulness, making choices in our relationship with our child (and beyond) that free us of unhelpful, conditioned patterns of behaviour.

Parenting in this ways is not at all about perfection or achievement. It is about restoring ourselves to wholeness for healthy, happy relationships. It is a way we begin to view and participate in the world around us, with our eyes and our hearts open.

Practicing conscious parenting results in: feelings of freedom, peace, contentment, joy and true connection.

This work will:

  • Reduce the anger, frustration and yelling in your home

  • Reveal to you ways to heal old wounds

  • Elevate your connection with your child and co-parent

  • Allow your child to grow up feeling fully supported to shine their unique light

  • Bring peace and connection into all your relationships

These offerings introduce participants to this alternative way of understanding the parent/child relationship, birth deep insights, provide practices and tools that allow for aha moments that lead to more supportive and life affirming choices in our relationships.

Upcoming workshops

Workshops on this topic are typically 2 hours in length and though they merely scratch the surface of this topic, they are a wonderful starting point for engaging on this topic and beginning to practice living consciously and creating a harmonious home.

There are no workshops scheduled at this time.
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Level 1 Course

This introductory course on conscious parenting is all about real tools and the hard and fulfilling work of actually practicing what it means to parent consciously, freeing yourself and your child from hindering each other's growth and awakening. There is no guide-book for parenting that makes sense for everyone. There are no experts and gurus that know everything about your child or you, and your particular dynamics. That is why conscious parenting is not about fixing the child OR the parent. Rather it is about awakening to our true nature, and creating a deep sense of freedom for full expression and connection. 

Small group learning and discussion within a cohort will deepen and enrich your personal insights. These sessions provide ample opportunity to ask, and find answers to, some of the toughest questions we face when it comes to doing our best as parents. I have intentionally designed the course to be taken via zoom, allowing participants to take part from the comfort of their own home, from anywhere around the globe.

This course will leave you curious and hopeful for a profound personal unfolding. 

What is included:
- 3 x 90 minute sessions in cohort
- 1 x 45 minute individual session
- Reflection exercises and guided meditations in-between sessions
- Upon completion of course, access to Level 2

Register on your own, or with your child’s co-parent (reduced rates apply for double registration)
If your family includes an odd number of parents wishing to participate (Eg. 3) please email me for special rates

Level 2 Course

Coming later in 2019, please stay tuned