Meditation is a powerful tool to support our mental health (with powerful ripple effects in our physical and spiritual life as well). Meditation supports us to tap into a non-judgemental present-moment state of awareness and ultimately allows us to connect to our highest good.

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Ready for a deeper experience? Here is my 1 month course:

 30 Days to Mindful Living

Meditation Course

You've heard all the good reasons to meditate daily. Maybe you have even tried it out, on your own or using an app. But so far, the habit hasn't stuck. What's blocking you from accessing this abundant and life-affirming wellspring of wellness? If you are a beginner in the practice of meditation, this course is for you.

2 personalized one-on-one sessions allow you to delve deeper into what blocks you and provide actionable and tangible tools (via video call) for everyday mindful living. The 30 (daily) recorded sessions, which include theory, philosophy and practical teachings, as well as guided meditations (via email), make this as accessible and as supportive as possible so you can succeed in creating your new healthy habit.