Individual Counselling

I am a registered clinical counsellor (member of the BCACC) and have been in practice since 2011. Previous to this (and the completion of my Master degree) I worked as a certified expressive arts therapist. My focus in my practice has included grief and loss, search for purpose, support for depression & anxiety, self-esteem and self-worth, and existential concerns, to name a few. My work with individuals at this time is all done via Zoom. Want to learn if I am the right fit for your needs at this time?

Living Awake

Spiritual Coaching

 Spiritual crisis or spiritual awakening? Am I living my truth or what the hell am I doing right now?

You have been floating and floundering in the questions. You keep looking to self-help books and taking the next seminar - looking for the answers outside of yourself. This work takes a totally different approach. Drawing from my work as a counsellor, body-centred therapist and yoga teacher, I will support you in honing in on your own deep well of knowledge and insight.

If you are ready and in need of one-on-one support for your wellness, let’s create that for you. Based on your needs, these sessions allow for the exploration of blockages holding you back, and the creation of opportunities and practices that lead you further towards your truth, health and happiness. Available in packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions.