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7:30 PM19:30

Dear yogi: an evening of poetry & practice

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Fundraiser for Vinyasa Yoga for Youth

A restorative asana practice, alongside poetry and self-reflection.

Drawing from the wisdom of the 8 limbs of yoga, this event invites yogis into a reflective state to consider what it means to live yoga. The poetry will lead participants through the 8 limbs (including an exploration of each of the yamas and at the niyamas) and invite them into personal inquiry of where in their lives they have opportunities to embody the heart of yoga more fully.

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9:00 AM09:00

Fall Equinox Embrace


Paying respect to the shift in the seasons and our attunement to the fall, we will practice 108 sun salutations. This is a chance to tune inward, let go of that which no longer serves us, and ground ourselves during this time of change.

Yes, you read that right. 108. Are you wondering if I am crazy? Or just so curious you can’t contain yourself? Read this Q&A for more info.

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