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Motherhood Retreat: Parenting for Peace & Consciousness

  • Werklab 1275 Venables Street - suite 290 Vancouver, BC, V6A 2C9 Canada (map)

The work we will be getting into during this workshop invites each participant to take their real-life situation and parenting experiences under a conscious lens. Whether you have young children, teenagers, or grown children, this workshop allows space for you to examine how your relationships are unfolding, and where you can bring more awareness and mindfulness to heal unhelpful patterns of behaviour or bring healing where there is strife. I will be using examples from my near decade of experience as a clinical counsellor (supporting children, couples and parents at all stages of life), as well as drawing from examples present in the room to create clarity throughout the workshop. 

Practicing conscious parenting results in feelings of freedom, peace, contentment, joy and true connection. This mini workshop introduces participants to this alternative way of understanding the parent/child relationship, offers insights, practices and tools that allow for aha moments that have the potential to lead to new, more supportive, choices in our relationships. 

Whether you are in a power struggle with your five year old, or finding yourself on the receiving end of the slammed door of a teenager’s room, this workshop can be for you. Though circumstances differ, we are all on a journey of uncovering where our ego is standing in the way of forming conscious connections with our children, and this workshop holds space for that uncovering.