What is Spiritual Health?

Body, Mind, Spirit. We've all heard these three words next to each other often right? Commonly they are used to describe a holistic approach to life or wellbeing. But what is spiritual health? Is this even a term you are familiar with? Have you contemplated it? Measured it in your own life? 

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Fall Equinox Embrace

Fall is a precious time of change, full of wonderful lessons from nature. However, the shift can be emotionally, mentally, and even physically challenging. This shift indicates a period of more quiet, introversion, and for many people around the world, also a time to get back to school or studies.

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3 Reasons Why Meditation is the Best Anti-stress Remedy

We each have coping mechanisms that support us through stressful moments. And here are just three (of the many) reasons why meditation can be a powerful tool to add to your anti-stress toolbox.

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7 Easy Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

It helps you focus, gives you better night’s sleep, increases joy, and works magic on your ability to deal with life’s stresses - yes, meditation can lead to all of these wonderful results, and there is science to prove it. So why don’t we all meditate?

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Healing Begins From Within

It took me nearly a decade to fully awaken to a new truth: that healing must start from within. I understood that the perspective of 'helping' I was clinging to came from misguided and misunderstood paradigms of energy. I came to understand that if I am to offer anything to the healing of other individuals, communities, countries, then I must be working from a clear inner space. Like a pebble landing in a body of water, healing must begin with myself and ripple outward.

This blog aims to spark curiousities about our individual, systemic and global healing journeys. Follow along with me on the blog as we explore what it means to give ourselves room to heal, and how that healing can ripple out with high vibrations to contribute to the healing of our greater family and our planet.


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